Mission-driven venture capital firm in SF looking for a thirsty Chief of Shit that Matters. Role is between a Chief of Operations and Chief of Staff (you can choose the title that best suits you), responsible for being the head of operations (eg coordinating with our CFO, accountants, other service providers, etc), program management (eg weekly and monthly followups and check-ins on active projects), strategic initiatives (leading projects, eg tracking and reporting on the positive social impact our portfolio companies have) for a firm with over $100m in assets under management. This person is likely a great product management and/or design thinking person who loves creating order from entropy (and can't help but want to productize it). They are NOT a glorified scheduler.

A self-starter that really enjoys being in a support role moving the ball forward on things, and can work independently (sometimes remotely). No prior venture capital experience is needed, but real business judgment and being super detail-oriented is. This person is a good writer, creative(s) whisperer, and could be managing a product at a tech company. They want to support human connection and love creating the conditions to facilitate deep relationships.

To be clear, this is not an investment role/track position. Benefits of the job include an intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually stimulating environment and helping support some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs in the world, including:

John Zimmer and Logan Green from Lyft

Sami Inkinen from Virta Health

Eric Ries from LTSE and The Lean StartUp

Luhan Yang from eGenesis

Lisa Skeete Tatum from Landit

Lisa Gelobter and Heidi Williams from tEquitable

Ben Rattray from Change.org

Sam Chaudhary from ClassDojo

Max Ventilla from AltSchool

Bentley Hall from Good Eggs

John Stevens from HeartFlow

Ben Nelson from Minerva

Rahim Fazal from SV Academy

The people you'll be directly working with have started multiple tech companies, were the earliest supporters behind some amazing nonprofits (think Kiva, Watsi, CareMessage), went to medical school, broke the Internet circa 1999, and helped produce several Grammy-winning jazz albums. They are explorers of the self and wear their hearts on their sleeves. Also, hilarious.

Apply by sending your resume to work@uprising.us.